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2017-03-01 26 48 7 19
2016-11-29 22 46 7 25
2016-07-19 6 64 16 14
2016-05-30 16 58 7 20
2016-04-06 9 69 5 17
2016-03-07 11 61 9 19

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Prince Edward Island’s next provincial election will be held on October 7, 2019. The next Prince Edward Island election will be the 66th provincial election in history.

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Provincial election dates are fixed in Prince Edward Island. Voters go to the polls on the 1st Monday in October every 4 years. If a fixed election date overlaps with the date of a federal election, the provincial election will be moved. The Premier, nevertheless, can trigger an early election by advising that the legislature be dissolved at any time prior to the fixed election date. In a minority government situation, an early election may be called in the event of a vote of non-confidence.


For all questions regarding voting, polling stations, or employment during provincial elections, please contact Elections Prince Edward Island.

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  2015 Prince Edward Island Provincial Election

On May 4, 2015, the Liberal Party led by Wade MacLauchlan won a majority government.

Seat Count

14 of 27 seats required for majority.




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