October 19, 2015 First Ministers, Parliament of Canada, Political Leaders

List of Prime Ministers of Canada

Term Prime Minister Party
1867-1873 Sir John A. Macdonald Liberal-Conservative
1873-1878 Alexander Mackenzie Liberal
1878-1891 Sir John A. Macdonald Liberal-Conservative
1891-1892 Sir John J. C. Abbott Liberal-Conservative
1892-1894 Sir John S. D. Thompson Liberal-Conservative
1894-1896 Sir Mackenzie Bowell Conservative
1896 Sir Charles Tupper Conservative
1896-1911 Sir Wilfrid Laurier Liberal
1911-1917 Sir Robert Borden Conservative
1917-1920 Sir Robert Borden Unionist (Conservatives with Liberals)
1920-1921 Arthur Meighen Unionist (Conservatives with Liberals)
1921-1925 William Lyon Mackenzie King Liberal
1925-1926 William Lyon Mackenzie King Liberal (with Progressives)
1926 Arthur Meighen Conservative
1926-1930 William Lyon Mackenzie King Liberal
1930-1935 Richard B. Bennett Conservative
1935-1948 William Lyon Mackenzie King Liberal
1948-1957 Louis St. Laurent Liberal
1957-1963 John Diefenbaker Progressive Conservative
1963-1968 Lester B. Pearson Liberal
1968-1979 Pierre E. Trudeau Liberal
1979-1980 Charles Joe Clark Progressive Conservative
1980-1984 Pierre E. Trudeau Liberal
1984 John Turner Liberal
1984-1993 Brian Mulroney Progressive Conservative
1993 Kim Campbell Progressive Conservative
1993-2003 Jean Chrétien Liberal
2003-2006 Paul Martin Liberal
2006-2015 Stephen Harper Conservative
2015- Justin Trudeau Liberal

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