March 13, 2017 Approval Ratings

British Columbia Premier Approval Rating


List of public opinion polls regarding the approval ratings of British Columbia Premiers.

  • Angus Reid Global/Angus Reid Institute: Do you approve or disapprove of the performance of each of the following Premiers?
  • EKOS/iPolitics: Do you approve or disapprove of the way the following individuals are handling their jobs?
  • Mainstreet Research: Do you approve or disapprove of the way _____ is handling his/her job as Premier?
  • Insights West: Thinking of each of the following provincial party leaders, would you say you generally approve or disapprove of the way he/she has performed in their job?
Month/Day Christy
Clark (LIB)
Campbell (LIB)
Mar-17 31 Angus Reid Institute
Mar-17 23 Mainstreet Research
Feb-17 21 Mainstreet Research
Dec-16 35 Angus Reid Institute
Nov-16 37 Insights West
Oct-16 39 Mainstreet Research
Sep-16 34 Angus Reid Institute
May-16 27 Angus Reid Institute
May-16 34 Insights West
Feb-16 31 Angus Reid Institute
Dec-15 34 Angus Reid Institute
Nov-15 29 Insights West
Sep-15 32 Angus Reid Institute
Jun-15 30 Angus Reid Institute
May-15 30 Insights West
Mar-15 33 Angus Reid Institute
Dec-14 34 Insights West
Dec-14 37 Ipsos Reid
Dec-14 34 Angus Reid Institute
Sep-14 32 Angus Reid Global
Jul-14 31 EKOS/iPolitics
Jun-14 37 Angus Reid Global
May-14 41 Insights West
Mar-14 38 Angus Reid Global
Dec-13 42 Insights West
Dec-13 42 Angus Reid Global
Sep-13 44 Angus Reid Global
Jun-13 45 Angus Reid Global
May-13 34 Forum Research
Mar-13 25 Angus Reid Global
Dec-12 31 Angus Reid Global
Dec-12 34 Ipsos Reid
Sep-12 33 Ipsos Reid
Aug-12 28 Angus Reid Global
Jun-12 33 Ipsos Reid
May-12 30 Angus Reid Global
Mar-12 33 Angus Reid Global
Dec-11 40 Angus Reid Global
Aug-11 42 Angus Reid Global
May-11 36 Angus Reid Global
Feb-11 16 Angus Reid Global
Nov-10 16 Angus Reid Global
Feb-10 23 Angus Reid Global
Nov-09 21 Angus Reid Global
Aug-09 17 Angus Reid Global

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